Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Written during either late 1965 or early 1966, it includes comparisons of the hallucinatory effects of psychedelic drugs such as Magic Mushrooms with the imagery found in the fantasy works of Lewis Carroll: 1865's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Events in these books, such as changing size after eating mushrooms or drinking an unknown liquid, are referenced in the song.

Set to a rising crescendo similar to that of Ravel's famous Boléro, and having a strong Spanish influence to it, the music combined with the song's lyrics strongly suggest the sensory distortions experienced with hallucinogens and the song was later utilized in pop culture to imply or accompany just such a state.


  1. here everything seems to be in english, although it doesn't seem to be an english blog? anyway, the music is great! keep on rockin'! \m/

  2. It is an English blog, the posts at least, although some of the comments may be in other languages.

    And also some songs will be in other languages, because it's more about the music than the words.

  3. no, Andrei, nu dadusem de user profile, insa acum am dat click pe poze ta de alpinist si m-a dus la informatiile despre tine. blogului i-a facut cineva reclama pe forumul de pe acum ascult, pentru prima data, cocosii negri, este foarte faina. felicitari pentru blog, comentariile-s foarte faine. mult noroc!

  4. Scuze, am uitat sa spun ca eu am fost anonimul de mai sus, desi nu-mi amintesc sa fi postat anonim...
    A, ba da, imi amintesc, n-am vrut sa-mi dau numele fiindca nu stiam care-i povestea cu scrisul comentariilor in Engleza, banuiesc ca-l vrei mai internationalizat, de-asta. Oricum, merita!


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