Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cat Stevens - Wild World

Stevens developed a relationship with a young American girl, Patti D'Arbanville, and the two were a pair throughout a period of two years or so. During that time, he wrote several songs about her, including the hit song "Wild World."

The song is in the form of the singer's words to his departing lover, inspired by the end of their romance. Stevens later recalled to Mojo Magazine: "It was one of those chord sequences that's very common in Spanish music. I turned it around and came up with that theme- which is a recurring theme in my work- which is to do with leaving, the sadness of leaving, and the anticipation of what lies beyond."


  1. I totally love this song.. Not a day goes by without listening to it :D

  2. Well, Cat Stevens is one of the best song writers ever, in my opinion, because he puts soul in what he says in his songs, he believes in the words he sings. Having this in mind, a song of him can only be a masterpiece :), not only this song ;)


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